Mr. Klein's surprise retirement party!
A different perspective.
Our last MindTrap ever! Mr. Klein crossed out "scotch" and replaced it with "Diet Coke."
Everybody wants a piece of the old textbooks Ms. Marentette and Mr. Klein are giving away.
Mr. Klein gives a farewell speech. :'(
Feeding frenzy!
Shall we?
Of course!
Mr. Klein is about to put the smackdown on Tom's balloon... Alex, Eric, and Erin look on!
An underground euchre game.
Just as I snap a picture of Ms. Marentette collecting books, Laura cuts in with a cake delivery! Mmmm... banana chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting...
Who's going to Michigan?
At the end of the day, Mr. Crosby regales us with the story of the gypsy king.
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