A quick mid-lecture stretch break with Sonic the Hedgehog.
We all gather 'round Will, our favorite tour guide!
Martha Cook Hall. The statue isn't actually flashing a peace sign, but it's fun to pretend she is.
Spinning the cube! They say it weighs over a ton.
There's not technically a crosswalk here, but nobody in Ann Arbor ever lets that stop them.
What? the? fuck?
It's a tradition for incoming freshmen to wade across this fountain from north to south, towards the diag. Graduating seniors cross in the opposite direction, towards Rackham Hall. Those who were accepted to U of M grad school are then seized by burly postdocs and dragged into the dank bowels of Rackham, where they languish in chains for the next six to eight years.
In we go!
Cold water! SO GOOD!!!
Randall Lab, the physics building. The gray part in the center is completely separate from the rest of the building; it's mounted on shock absorbers to reduce vibration.
On thursday, they split us up for lunch. The honors lunch didn't start for a while, so our guides took us to the art musuem.
Professor Canary's magical math board, held by John the fearless peer advisor.
Emily and John play Jenga while Celia talks to Professor Canary.
Due to the general hippiness of the student body, as well as a venerable organization known as the U of M Squirrel Club, Michigan squirrels are chubby and easygoing. This one let me get right next to her for a picture!
Most Michigan dorms have a few murals lying around. Here's a close-up of one of them.
More dorm art.
This was on a door downstairs. I have no idea what it's for, but it's a great drawing.
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