Meeting for doughnuts and milk before we leave. I was a little intimidated when Julie showed up in racing gear with a bike that looked like it had been designed by NASA, but felt better when I found out the ride was 14 miles total -- not 14 miles one way!
One fearless leader teaches us about plants while the other records us for posterity.
When we got to Matthaei, they gave us food! Mmmm... cranberry relish! The girl on the right is Liz; she likes to eat plants. The white guy is an Arb caretaker, and the black guy is a grad student. The girl in the bandana is wearing a shirt against mountaintop removal coal mining.
After lunch, we got a tour of the conservatory.
Bat orchid.
Lobster claw. According to the guide, "The bright red 'lobster claws' are modified leaves, called bracts, that in their native environments attract hummingbirds to the yellow flowers.... The blue fruits are dispersed by perching birds that land on the rugged bracts and pluck the ripe fruits."
Then, my first brush with Cultivating Community!
The C.C. pilot garden.
If you think these guys are big, you've never seen a tomato hornworm!
I would loooove to work in a place like this! It's warm and cluttered and smells like dirt. :)
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